020221 Achievement 101 Institute ELA

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Achievement 101 Institute: ELA

(Aligned to all other regions)

When implemented effectively, the Close Reading for Meaning™ method gives students the tools they need to accurately read, understand, and analyze any text they encounter with passion, confidence, and precision. Adapted for both virtual and hybrid learning environments, this institute will teach teachers to build upon a strong foundation of Close Reading for Meaning™ to help their students successfully tackle high-stakes and end of year exams, whether on paper or on the computer.

Participants will gain:

  • A clear roadmap for what students must master when in order to excel on any ELA exam (and what to do if you fall behind)
  • An understanding of how to establish strong systems for monitoring and responding to student data
  • Structures for effective virtual and in-person test preparation lessons that maximize targeted coaching while building student independence
  • A strong understanding of how to design and implement Strategic Coaching Plans geared toward moving groups of students to mastery each week
  • Protocols for weekly and daily planning of instruction
  • Robust practice and feedback planning and teaching virtual test preparation lessons
  • Clear structures and systems for building a highly motivating and positive classroom culture around testing
  • Lavinia Group’s latest thinking and resources around preparing students to meet end of year benchmarks

WHO SHOULD COME:  This interactive training is designed for teachers and leaders in Grades 3-8 who are eager to learn best practices for lifting student achievement while staying focused on meaning.

WHEN: February 2, 2021

TIMING: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST

WHERE: Zoom Video Conference

PRICING: $650 per participant

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