020421 Achievement Institute for Leaders

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Achievement Institute for Leaders

Achieving excellent student outcomes starts with strong leadership. Designed to help leaders be effective in a fully virtual or hybrid school, this institute will teach leaders how to effectively set an instructional vision, monitor progress, and achieve results across their grade-level or school. Building upon the principles of how to effectively monitor progress and drive student outcomes, leaders will learn methods for supporting teachers and students in successfully tackling any exam with confidence, precision, and meaning front and center.  

Participants will gain:

  • A clear roadmap for what teachers must master and when in order for students to excel on any exam (and what to do if you fall behind)
  • A clear understanding of what excellent test preparation instruction looks like in a virtual and hybrid setting and how to effectively coach teachers to excellence
  • Lavinia Group’s proven systems for managing test preparation instruction across your school
  • Structures for effective test preparation intellectual preparation meetings 
  • A strong understanding of how to craft and leverage Strategic Leading Plans
  • Clear strategies for investing the entire school community in reaching academic goals
  • Lavinia Group’s latest thinking and resources around preparing students to meet end of year benchmarks 

WHO SHOULD COME:  This interactive training is designed for 3-8 leaders who are eager to learn best practices for managing results across their school.

WHEN: February 4, 2021

TIMING: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST

WHERE: Zoom Video Conference 

PRICING: $650 per participant

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