Close Reading for Meaning Instructional Leadership and Management

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Leading in a Virtual School: Effective Instructional Leadership and Management Mini-Institute


Excellent implementation of the Close Reading for Meaning method starts with the instructional leader.  Redesigned to meet the needs of our virtual learning environment, this mini-institute focuses on how to ensure that instruction runs at a high-level across classrooms, grade-levels and schools. Designed to help school leaders solve for the practical challenges of a fully remote or hybrid setting, participants will come away with:

  • A clear vision for what exemplary Close Reading for Meaning instruction looks like in a fully remote or hybrid environment
  • A roadmap for student mastery of Close Reading for Meaning broken into cycles of instruction throughout the school-year
  • Structures and systems for leading effective student work analysis and intellectual preparation virtually
  • Tools for leveraging digital student work and data as a way to understand exactly how students are progressing toward goals in a virtual classroom 
  • Best practices for rapidly moving teacher practice virtually
  • Expertise crafting Strategic Leading Plans that compel proactive rather than reactive leadership
  • Clear systems for effectively managing your own time to ensure quality Close Reading for Meaning across classrooms and schools

WHO SHOULD COME: This training is designed for school leaders, instructional coaches, and network leaders and teachers of grades K-8 who are ready to take their instructional leadership to the next level.

PREREQUISITE: Attendance at Close Reading for Meaning 101 is strongly encouraged, but not required.

*Note: In order to ensure leaders receive robust personal attention and feedback, attendance for this institute is especially limited.

November 6 , 2020

9:00am – 12:00pm Eastern

Zoom Video Conference (This session will take place virtually.)

PRICING: $375 per participant

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