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Is More Than A Curriculum

It’s An All-Encompassing Literacy Program.

Connecting the

for Teacher & Student Success 

Activate young minds and spark student curiosity with RedThread-the only complete K-8 literacy program on the market. It seamlessly integrates best-first instruction with comprehensive instructional materials firmly grounded in science of reading research, a proven method for accelerating learning. RedThread builds knowledge with themes that connect each piece of the curriculum. Culturally diverse literature and project-based learning engage students in skill building faster than ever before, while RedThread coaching redefines teacher support with instructional strategies rooted in a student-centered approach.

Curriculum Without Support is Just Pages

RedThread redefines literacy education by
offering a truly holistic program. It provides a
unified framework where curriculum and instructional coaching work in tandem,
ensuring a tightly knit educational experience
for both students and teachers.

We Deepen Through Diverse Narratives

RedThread embodies cultural responsiveness through literature and projects that introduce students to diverse characters, topics, and themes across various backgrounds. Student discourse comes to life in the classroom as teachers use inquiry-based instruction to engage students in meaningful conversations, fostering deeper connections with themselves and those around them.

We Use Multicultural
Literature Written by

RedThread’s excellence shines through its embrace of internationally acclaimed literature from a diverse array of voices. By incorporating authentic literature, our curriculum enriches vocabulary, ignites curiosity, and fosters critical thinking.

The Curriculum is Strongly
Rooted in

Our curriculum emphasizes knowledge-building over rote comprehension, connecting students to their subjects through integrated thematic learning. This commitment to knowledge-building is a cornerstone of both RedThread Knowledge and RedThread Foundations curricula, resulting in the creation of consistent, interconnected themes that distinguish us from any other educational program.

We Include

We embrace the power of project-based learning. This approach cultivates critical thinking, teamwork, and empathy while encouraging hands-on engagement and the development of background knowledge. Our immersive curriculum empowers students to take an active role in their education, igniting their creativity and honing essential
problem-solving skills that will be invaluable throughout their lives.

We Embody Evidence-Based

RedThread curriculum is rooted in the science of reading, supported by the latest research in literacy education. Our program takes inspiration from the Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Rope models-ensuring students develop the critical skills necessary for comprehensive reading.

K-8 Core Literacy Curriculum

RedThread Knowledge K-5 RedThread Knowledge 6-8 RedThread Knowledge K-5

RedThread Knowledge K-5 is Lavinia Group’s multicultural, project-based, and integrated reading and writing curriculum for grades K-5. We provide teachers with everything they need to successfully teach a 75-minute reading and writing block for grades K-2 or a 90-minute reading and writing block for grades 3-5. They are provided with a comprehensive unit overview, writing exemplars, scripted daily lesson plans, project samples, and booklists. All units are thematically linked to the content focus throughout the year and work backward from inquiry-based essential questions.

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K-8 Curriculum Scope & Sequence

RedThread Knowledge 6-8

RedThread Knowledge 6-8 is a core reading and writing curriculum that improves literacy achievement in middle schools through a global, thematic, and project-based approach.

Students develop content knowledge as they engage with diverse and rigorous texts, themes, and topics during a 90-minute reading and writing block. They apply their learning through authentic and integrated literacy and project work to develop as independent readers, writers, thinkers, and doers.

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K-8 Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Supplemental Curriculum

RedThread Foundations K-2 RedThread Foundations 3-5 RedThread Close Reading
for Meaning RedThread Math Story Problems RedThread Foundations K-2

RedThread Foundation’s K-2 Supplemental Curriculum is designed to nurture essential early literacy skills over the course of a 45-minute block. This program places a strong emphasis on phonics, ensuring a solid foundation for reading and language development. This comprehensive package includes teacher guides and resources, along with a rich collection of RedThread Readers decodable texts. These decodables offer a diverse, multicultural perspective and center on authentic subject matter, seamlessly aligning with the RedThread Knowledge curriculum.

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K-8 Curriculum Scope & Sequence

RedThread Foundations 3-5

RedThread Foundations 3-5 Supplemental Curriculum is dedicated to honing and expanding students’ foundational skills. This program seamlessly weaves fluency work and RedThread Close Reading for Meaning within an engaging five-day reading cycle. With teacher guides and abundant resources, it provides explicit instruction in critical reading elements, encompassing phonological awareness, decoding, and fluency. Focused on building strong reading foundations, this curriculum equips young learners with the skills they need to become confident and proficient readers.

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K-8 Curriculum Scope & Sequence

RedThread Close Reading
for Meaning

Using genre as an inroad, Lavinia Group’s RedThread Close Reading for Meaning method teaches students to use a symphony of strategies to unpack complex texts that are at or above grade level. This curriculum prepares students to attend to both the essential meaning as well as author’s craft. After engaging in a shared experience with their teachers, students are given the opportunity to apply the RedThread Close Reading for Meaning method to a new text, honing their ability to tackle any text confidently and independently. RedThread Math Story Problems

Grounded in the belief that all students are mathematicians, RedThread Math Story Problems curriculum and method engages students to develop multiple approaches for solving on and above-grade-level problems through hands-on learning and rich mathematical discourse. As students persevere through problem-solving and share their mathematical reasoning, they develop the confidence and precision necessary to tackle any mathematical task independently while building their mastery of grade-level standards. 



Phonics decodables seamlessly integrate
with our core literacy instruction, empowering
students to forge meaningful connections
throughout their educational journey.


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There are two ways to utilize Mackin to identify and order books:

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