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Forging Remarkable

Change lives from inside the classroom with instructional coaching, professional learning, and curriculum that accelerates student achievement.

A Proven Pathway to

For school leaders seeking big gains in math and literacy, Lavinia Group’s targeted instructional coaching, RISE Summer Program, and game-changing RedThread Literacy Program are proven to transform academic performance and rapidly deliver double-digit growth among students of all cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses.

Guided by Experts in Accelerating Achievement 

Our research-based approach builds instructional excellence at all levels within a school.

Our exceptional team is comprised of former superintendents, principals, and expert teachers. Each is driven by a core belief in setting high standards and brings an impressive track record of boosting academic achievement.


Elbow to Elbow

We've built Lavinia Group's reputation on both the results we enable our partners to achieve and our collaborative approach. We are roll-up-the-sleeves people who listen, invite ideas, and demonstrate our methods in classrooms rather than just prescribe them.

Instructional Coaching

Empower sustainable change. From setting strategic goals to coaching instructional coaches to leading lab-sites, we adapt to your situation.

  • In-classroom coaching and feedback
  • Demonstrations of data-driven lesson planning
  • Exclusive access to lesson planning tools, and instructional resources
  • Model exemplary instruction

Professional Learning

Accelerate math and literacy learning using the latest research, educational tools, and innovative methods.

  • Asynchronous, blended learning,
or in-person learning opportunities
  • Aligned to academic standards
  • Eligible for course credit

RISE Summer Program

Achieve triple-digit gains in math & literacy achievement in just 5 weeks.

  • Comprehensive curriculum for a broad age range
  • Turnkey solution with professional development
  • Robust pre- and post- assessments

K-8 Literacy Program

Activate young minds with RedThread, the only comprehensive K-8 literacy program on the market.

  • Aligned with the science of reading
  • Powered by multicultural literature
  • Built-in knowledge-building across early literacy curricula

 Lavinia In Action

 Lavinia In Action

Big Gains, Year-Over-Year

Inspire a wave of change that leads to rapid and ongoing leaps in math and literacy achievement. By embedding knowledge, new methods, and transferable skills, we help catalyze a cultural shift that makes instructional and academic excellence the new norm.

ELA proficiency grew 189% from beginning to end of the 2023 RISE Summer Learning Program
improvement in literacy
on average in 2023
During the Summer of 2023, students enrolled in the RISE Summer Learning Program experienced a 120% growth in math proficiency
improvement in math
on average in 2023
A study conducted by NYU shows 73% of students achieved grade-level reading in 6 weeks with the RedThread curriculum, compared to 30% with another well-known phonics curriculum
outperformance in foundational reading

Expert Help of the Way

Expert Help

of the Way

Drawing from our background as education leaders, our team engages with empathy, experience, and expertise. We are resolute in our pursuit of academic achievement, working side-by side and with leaders and teachers to eliminate roadblocks and barriers and forge a legacy of lasting achievement.

Unlock Your Students' Full Potential

In today's demanding educational landscape, teaching is no easy feat. We help schools reignite and reinvigorate the joy and fulfillment of teaching and reshape the academic trajectory of students' lives.

Drive lasting improvements in instruction and performance year after year.
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