2021 Institutes

2021 Institutes

“Your team did an outstanding job presenting effective ways of leading instruction in a virtual world. Lavinia has been smart and nimble, shifting your instructional leadership model based on the ‘situation on the ground’.”

– Eric Mahmoud, CEO and Founder, Harvest Best Academy

Guided Reading for Meaning™ 201: Rapidly Moving Student Readers in Grades K-2

January 12, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Guided Reading for Meaning™ 201: Rapidly Moving Student Readers in Grades 3-8

January 14, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Close Reading for Meaning™ Day 3: Moving Readers to Independence

January 21, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Achievement 101 Institute: ELA
(Aligned to NY exams)

January 26, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Achievement 101 Institute: ELA
(Aligned to all other regions)

February 2, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Achievement 101 Institute: Mathematics

January 28, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Achievement Institute for Leaders

February 4, 2021 (Virtual) – Register

Institute Testimonials

“This session blew my mind. I really valued how practical it was for leaders!”

– School Leader –

“I appreciated how this training clarified my misconceptions about Close Reading. The Lavinia Group approach I learned in this training allows flexibility, encourages JOY and pulls away from formulas, procedures and ‘tricks’.  I feel refreshed and excited about the direction we are going!”

– Teacher – 

“The facilitators were so well-versed, prepared, and energetic. Learning how to do something for the first time or approaching something in a different way can be intimidating, but this workshop allowed for analysis, diving deep, and practice. As a result, we all left here feeling empowered.”

– Teacher – 

“Such an amazing training that has brought a lot of clarity around really good, meaning-based guided reading practice. I am so excited to get back to class and implement what I have learned. Thank you so much!”

– Teacher –

“The day was a true gift for me as a school leader. The instructional leadership systems we learned about are so applicable to my current instructional initiatives!”

– School Leader –

“The Lavinia Group delivers PD that is actionable for teachers. The content is clear and the opportunities for practice and feedback leave participants feeling supported. Great work!”

– Teacher –

“I LOVED the training! I want to send all of my leaders and teachers here!”

– Chief Academic Officer –

“Perfect ratio of ‘direct instruction’/presentation of information and planning and practice time. I felt like everything I learned was really useful.”

– Director of Literacy –

“I love how today made the daunting task of test prep seem so fun and engaging. It makes me feel like I can make it engaging and have students develop a more positive attitude toward achieving amazing results.”

– School Leader –

“I’ve been teaching guided reading for years but I learned so many new insights from this one training. This institute was really exciting and inspiring because it prepared me to make guided reading more of an organic learning experience. Thank you!”

– Teacher –