Institute Course

Close Reading for Meaning™

(Grades 2-8)

Course Overview

Course description:

During this course, participants will learn the 3-day Close Reading for Meaning™ method — a method proven to rapidly improve student outcomes in the area of literacy in hundreds of schools across the country. Incorporating science of reading research and key practices, our Close Reading for Meaning™ approach focuses on using genre as an inroad to support students in making meaning from text, all with an emphasis on joy and precision. Participants will learn best practices for effectively teaching the Close Reading for Meaning™ method with an emphasis on main idea understanding, author’s craft, transferable teaching and short-written response. Participants will learn how to facilitate authentic discussion, study student work, and give actionable feedback. They will also learn strategies for developing student independence through targeted small group instruction and strategic student coaching.

Recommended for:

School leaders and teachers in Grades 2-8 who are new to or currently use Close Reading for Meaning methods™ and would like to deepen their understanding.

Topics include:

  • Learning the 3-day Close Reading for Meaning™ method
  • Planning and practicing implementation of Close Reading for Meaning™ lessons
  • Gaining a strong understanding of how authors use craft and structure to convey meaning in a text
  • Building an understanding of how to effectively coach students to improve their writing in a targeted and goal-oriented way
  • Fostering independent and confident readers
  • Learning structures for planning and teaching targeted, data-driven small group instruction and whole-class discourse
  • Acquiring clear and efficient frameworks for studying student work and setting goals
  • Creating Strategic Coaching Plans to help you rapidly improve student reading and writing in your own classroom
  • Gaining an understanding of how to use your Close Reading for Meaning™ foundation to set students up to meet end of year grade-level benchmarks with an emphasis on confidence and precision

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