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Literacy Tutoring and Intervention to Accelerate Learning


Course overview

Course description:

Now more than ever, opportunity gaps caused by interrupted learning have made proven, research-based solutions a top priority for educators. Research shows while all students can learn to read, only one out of three children are reading proficiently by third grade. Even more so, while educators are the most crucial determinant in student success, only 49% of educational organizations effectively prepare teachers for literacy instruction. The pandemic has only further intensified the gap and shined a light on the need for more individualized student support and instruction.

As school leaders look for solutions that will accelerate learning for all students, many are turning to the science of reading. The Literacy Tutoring and Intervention course provides school teachers and leaders with everything they need to implement science of reading based, intensive, small-group and one-on-one intervention for students who need support in reading.

From diagnosing students and creating groups, to structures for transformative instruction, to high-impact student coaching, to data analysis, this comprehensive course leaves educators ready to close instructional gaps that exist. The course provides dozens of science of reading tutoring and intervention resources for teachers so they can make these practices come alive in their classrooms.

Recommended for:

Teachers and leaders in grades K-8 who are seeking highly-effective practices for accelerating student learning and supporting students in meeting grade-level benchmarks.

Topics include:

  • Clear structures for small group reading intervention that are transferable and rapidly close gaps in student reading
  • Developing an understanding of how to leverage the five essential pillars of reading in your reading intervention
  • Learning an effective protocol for incorporating data into the lesson planning process
  • Gaining small group instruction methods you can leverage to meet the needs of each student in phonics, comprehension and writing instruction
  • Acquiring targeted resources to lift literacy achievement for students not yet achieving grade-level expectations
  • Gaining independent targeted student coaching strategies and learning effective protocols for incorporating data and prioritizing individual instruction
  • Developing an understanding of how to create strong progress monitoring systems in order to differentiate instruction
  • Understanding the trajectory of reading skills and the scope of what to teach students based on their needs in both phonics and comprehension

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