Math Tutoring and Intervention to Accelerate Learning

Course Overview

Course description:

From 2019 to 2022, students’ mathematics scores on the NAEP had the steepest decline in the history of the assessment. These results show that now, more than ever, students need effective and purposeful intervention in math. This course empowers educators to personalize learning for targeted intervention and gives students meaningful and accessible activities to grow their math skills. Through supporting teachers and leaders in making the right groups, choosing the right content, and coaching students with meaning front and center, this course prepares teachers to close the most pressing gaps while building students’ independence.

Recommended for:

Teachers and leaders in grades K-8 who are seeking highly-effective practices for accelerating student learning and supporting students in meeting grade-level benchmarks.

Topics include:

  • Gaining an understanding of why to prioritize conceptual math instruction during intervention
  • Learning a lesson framework for teaching discrete skills and strategies in transferable ways that drive toward making meaning in mathematics
  • Acquiring a protocol for creating targeted intervention groups and planning purposeful lessons that rapidly close content gaps
  • Studying student data and work to diagnose learning gaps and determine the highest-leverage content to target during intervention
  • Understanding of the trajectory of math content and the scope of what to teach students based on their needs
  • Intellectually preparing to lead a strong intervention lesson by learning how to anticipate student strategies and misconceptions 
  • Gaining an understanding of how to leverage Math Routines to support conceptual instruction and targeted intervention

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