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Help students read on grade level by January of second grade with our Science of Reading Institutes.

Using direct, explicit, sequential and multisensory routines, teachers and leaders who attend Science of Reading Institutes will learn methods for providing consistent and systematic instruction for students by targeting existing gaps for individuals and groups of students.

Science of Reading: Foundations of Systematic Phonics and Structured Literacy Groups

Deeply grounded in the latest science of reading research, participants will leave with concrete methods, structures and tools for teaching phonics and small group literacy instruction that supports students in reading with accuracy and comprehension.

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This offering will be available again in Summer 2023!

Science of Reading: Supporting Readers through Systematic Phonics Routines and Targeted Student Coaching

In part two of the Science of Reading institutes series, K-3 teachers and leaders will learn methods for targeted phonics instruction to support students where they need it most. Participants will leave knowing how to leverage these routines to help readers decode with accuracy. Participants will also have an opportunity to robustly analyze student data around phonological awareness and reading fluency to create action plans in response to that data.

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