RISE Professional Development


Amplify Your Results with High-Impact Professional Development


How teachers use curriculum is just as important as the curriculum itself. 

High-quality professional learning to support curriculum implementation is the single most effective way to produce transformative results and eliminate inconsistent outcomes.

Lavinia Group creates an immersive summer school experience for teachers. RISE workshops are filled with collaboration, learning activities and reflection. Engage in lesson planning with the same educational experts who created the curriculum, solve challenges encountered in the classroom, and practice proven methods for instruction.

Choose From Two Training Options

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Option 1: Learning Community Pathway

Choose from three session start dates and gain direct access to Lavinia Group Educational Experts by participating in a combination of online learning and discussion-based live virtual professional development meetings. Learn evidence-based best practices for high-quality professional development, instruction, and technology.

Benefits of Online Learning + Live, Virtual Professional Development


Immersive Learning

Take advantage of frequent opportunities to apply and practice with other educators.

“This was an amazing opportunity. Thank you. So many little lives will be changed!”
-RISE 2022 Teacher


Opportunities for Rich Discourse

Collaborate with Lavinia Group literacy and math experts and educators from across the country.

“The collaboration, engagement, and troubleshooting during the workshops was invaluable!”

-RISE 2022 Teacher


Best-in-Class Resources

Gain access to intellectual preparation, work-study protocols and value-added student enrichment activities.

“The program provided supplement materials such as worksheets to aid in instruction, and make the whole process easier.”
-RISE 2022 Teacher

Option 2: Self-Paced Learning

Our 100% online only RISE program is a self-paced pathway that offers flexible start dates. This self-directed, professional development focuses on structure, practices, and the materials you will use to implement curriculum successfully.

What RISE teachers say...

The platform is user-friendly and the lessons and content are self-explanatory. Beneficial, especially for the summer."

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Learn about Lavinia Group's robust, standards-aligned, culturally relevant curriculum.

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