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Client Testimonials 

Read what some of our partners have to say about our impact.


Lester Long, Founder and Executive Director, South Bronx Classical
New York City, NY 

Classical’s collaborative and long-time partnership with the Lavinia Group has provided our instructional leadership with cutting-edge best practices in literacy and numeracy instruction, through high-leverage trainings and observations that have transformed both our underlying academic program and our teaching faculty.


Janelle Bradshaw, CEO, Public Prep Schools
New York City, NY 

Working with the Lavinia Group has been transformational to our organization. Every consultant that we have worked with has been knowledgeable and vigilant about pushing our practice further each year while remaining respectful of our unique culture of warm, rigorous joy. There is no one better who understands high quality instruction, actionable moves for teachers and leaders, and always puts students first. 


Josh Pacos, Director of Schools, Rocketship D.C.
Washington D.C.

Our work and partnership with the Lavinia Group has had a tremendous impact on student achievement in our schools. Through our partnership, school leaders have deepened their instructional knowledge and management, our teachers have developed deep content expertise and the tools to push student thinking, and, most importantly, our students are continually challenged and are experiencing academic success on a large scale. The Lavinia Group has operated as a true partner in our work and not as a typical consultant. They are deeply invested in our students’ success and progress.


Brett Gallini, Managing Director, Uplift Education
Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, TX 

I partnered with the Lavinia Group in order to support the launch of Close Reading when I was the Executive Director of a small charter school network in Harlem and the Bronx. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and execution of professional development for our staff was unparalleled. Lavinia Group consultants have a proven track record of providing schools with comprehensive solutions, which quickly provide leaders and teachers with the skillset to dramatically boost student achievement. In my current role as Managing Director, I am in charge of the curriculum for 43 schools. The Lavinia Group was the first call I made when planning my strategy for district-wide improvement. The level of thought, planning, and execution by Lavinia Group consultants is a key reason why we’ve seen such tremendous growth across our network of schools.  


Max Koltuv, Former Superintendent, Achievement First
New York City, NY; New Haven/ Bridgeport/Hartford, CT; Providence, RI 

The Lavinia Group team members were the ideal guides through the complex world of raising rigor in ELA instruction. They helped us paint a clear vision for what we wanted college prep reading and writing instruction to look like in our schools and then provided professional development and coaching to help us get there. Working with them, we were able to dramatically increase the proportion of our students who were meeting and exceeding standards.


Cassie Pergament, Senior Director of Programs, D.C. Prep
Washington D.C.

Working with Lavinia Group has had a tremendously positive impact on DC Prep. Working strategically with Lavinia Group coaches over the past 18 months has exponentially built leader and teacher skill, practices, and capacity to support students more effectively to read for meaning. We leave each coaching day with specific and targeted tactics to practice, with meaningful feedback, and are empowered to take our practice to the next level. The coaches are responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive. Our students are benefiting every day from the skills our teachers and leaders are gaining through our work with Lavinia Group!


Eric Mahmoud, Founder and CEO, Harvest Best
Minneapolis, MN

Lavinia Group has provided our schools with game-changing instructional strategies as well as comprehensive instructional management systems. Even more important than the instructional systems, they have demonstrated a “whatever it takes attitude” to help catapult our schools towards success. In my over 30 years as an educational leader, my decision to partner with the Lavinia Group will prove to be the most consequential and impactful decision I’ve ever made.


Emily Rodriguez, Managing Director of Elementary Schools, KIPP MA
Greater Boston Area, MA 

Working with the Lavinia Group has helped us to develop and refine a powerful shared vision for our instructional components. Through high-impact, thoughtful coaching of our content leaders and by providing high quality resources, the Lavinia Group has dramatically raised the bar for both educators and students at KIPP Massachusetts. 


Samantha Turner, Principal, Rocketship Alma Academy
San Jose, CA

Our partnership with the Lavinia Group was invaluable as we sought to elevate our student outcomes last year. The Close Reading for Meaning model has profoundly impacted our students’ ability to think critically about texts across genres. With joy and meaning front and center, transformational results are possible! Thank you, Lavinia team!