RISE Summer School Curriculum

RISE Summer School Curriculum

Ready-to-use instructional materials

Give teachers the tools they need to meet the challenges of unfinished learning. Our RISE Summer Program for 1st through 9th-grade students provides teachers and leaders with ready-to-use instructional materials and data analysis tools. Our curriculum includes student coaching guides, lesson plans, student discussion guides, and a variety of learning activities.


build literacy skills

Engage students with knowledge-rich, culturally responsive literature that prompts curiosity while teaching students phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and writing skills.


develop mathematical reasoning skills

Instill purposeful problem-solving and watch students persevere as they develop multiple approaches for solving mathematical story problems and learn to confidently tackle any mathematical task independently.

Robust Summer School Curriculum

High-quality instructional materials produce transformative results. Our standards-aligned, culturally responsive curriculum gives teachers the tools they need to create a life-changing summer school experience.



Close Reading for Meaning™

Teach students how to tackle ANY short text or excerpt by using a symphony of strategies and a carefully designed Roadmap of Questions™.

What RISE Teachers Say...

“At first I thought, ‘I dread close reading; it’s tedious, too procedural and I am going to fail as a close reading teacher.’ Now, I’m so ready to jump in the classroom and get started!"

Learn about 1st-grade teacher, Nico Silva, and his experience with the RISE Systematic Phonics program.  

Systematic Phonics & Shared Poem

Use a blend of direct, explicit, sequential, and multisensory routines to help students build decoding skills. Grounded in the science of reading research, these lessons provide consistent and systematic instruction for students and flexibility for teachers to personalize instruction.

What RISE teachers say...

I love everything. The letter recognition, letter sounds, pictures sounds, decoding, and sight words.”

Insight Humanities™: Book Studies

Students will learn how to analyze ANY novel confidently and precisely by reading, analyzing, and discussing highly engaging, multicultural literature by award-winning authors.

What RISE teachers say...

“Thank you so much! I am impressed with the number of resources we have been provided. I feel ready to help students improve as readers this summer.”

Math For Meaning™: Story Problems

Help students develop multiple approaches for solving on and above grade level story problems through hands-on learning and rich mathematical discourse.

What RISE teachers say...

“This program gives innovative ways to teach math that are student-driven and teacher-facilitated.”

rise results

How teachers use curriculum is just as important as the curriculum itself. Learn more about RISE teacher and leader professional development.

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