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Indy Summer Learning Labs Reports Second Year of Double-Digit Growth

For the second consecutive year, Marion County students who attended Indy Summer Learning Labs (ISLL), a five-week, free or low-cost summer learning and enrichment program, saw double-digit proficiency point gains in English/language arts (ELA) and math, according to data released today from The Mind Trust and United Way of Central Indiana.

Featured Curriculum

Insight Middle Courses™ is a core reading and writing curriculum that closes the knowledge gap and dramatically improves literacy achievement in middle schools through a global, thematic, and project-based approach. Students develop content knowledge as they engage with diverse and rigorous texts, themes, and topics. They apply their learning through authentic and integrated literacy and project work to develop as independent readers, writers, thinkers, and doers.

Our Core Beliefs

WE CLOSE THE OPPORTUNITY GAP that has existed in public education for decades, disproportionately affecting students of color. We operate with the deep belief that our world, our schools, and our team are made stronger by respecting, listening to, and amplifying the voices of the communities we serve and the world around us. Therefore, our curricular offerings, our work together, and our work with schools, reflect a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We strive to deliver services, products, and practices that are deeply rooted in equity for all children.


Intellectual Preparation

The key to excellent student outcomes is to invest like crazy in the adults. We must support leaders and teachers to be confident, passionate, and precise in their own ability to analyze texts and understand content. In preparing to teach students the art of reading, writing, math, or social studies it’s intellectual preparation that matters most.


School-Based Training

Just like kids, school leaders and teachers learn best by doing. The training / execution gap emerges when ideas presented during professional development are not realized in practice. We preempt this by working with leaders and teachers where the rubber hits the road: in schools and in classrooms. Through our Rapid Improvement Cycle, which includes robust intellectual preparation, practice, and feedback we propel adult learning within our partner schools.


World-Class Literature

In order for students to be great readers, they must fall in love with reading. In order for students to fall in love with reading, they must have the best literature at their fingertips, and ample time to unpack, analyze, and discuss complex grade-level texts.


Science of Reading

In AN EDUCATIONAL LANDSCAPE THAT SUFFERS FROM OVER-COMPLEXITY, we clear the clutter and help teachers and leaders make sense of and practically implement research-based Science of Reading methods, including keeping meaning front and center. From structured literacy small groups to building background knowledge through content-based reading to decoding and phonological awareness, we support schools in literacy instruction that leads to fluent readers, sophisticated thinkers, and improved student outcomes.


Purposeful Problem Solving

If we want to prepare students to solve the problems of tomorrow, then we must prepare them to be problem solvers today. To do this, students need purposeful problems that go beyond simple calculations or the replication of a teacher model, and they need opportunities to reason independently, with partners, and as a class to make meaning from each of these tasks. Through varied problems and experiences, we watch students become mathematicians, ready to take on any new problem that comes their way.