Summer Learning Program

Summer Learning Program

Achieve Triple-Digit Gains in Math & Literacy
in Just 5 Weeks

Achieve Triple-Digit Gains in
Math & Literacy in Just 5 Weeks

Where Math and Literacy Scores 

Where Math
and Literacy Scores

Your school can achieve unprecedented math and literacy growth during the summer break with our RISE Summer Learning Program. Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach is proven to deliver triple-digit gains in just five weeks.

Here's What 15,000 Students Achieved on Average in 2023.

Improvement in Literacy
Improvement in Math

*Source: 2023 Pre- and Post-Assessment Data from 15,000 Students

With Teachers and Students Will Build Skills That Last a Lifetime.

Unlike traditional summer school programs that focus on rote learning or basic skill reinforcement, the RISE Summer Learning Program builds transferable skills students can carry into the new school year and for years to come. Simultaneously, teachers build high-impact teaching habits they can use year-round.





in Student Proficiency

RISE has delivered proven impact three years in a row. Download our 2023 RISE Program Impact Report to see gains in proficiency from the 2023 program.

in Student Performance

RISE has delivered proven impact three years in a row. Download our 2023 RISE Program Impact Report to see gains in proficiency from the 2023 program.

RISE Summer Learning Outperforms Peer Group

An independent study by the Indiana Department of Education on academic acceleration, in collaboration with The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, showed that RISE significantly outperformed other summer programs.

English/Language Arts

Students who participated in RISE gained

4.5student growth percentiles

outperforming non-participants by a net gain of

6.5student growth percentiles


Students who participated in RISE gained

4.6student growth percentiles

outperforming non-participants by a net gain of

8.4student growth percentiles

*Source: Indiana ILEARN 2022 State Assessment

How Does Generate Results?

Curriculum for a Broad Age Range

RISE prioritizes developing critical thinking and problem-solving. The program caters to a wide range of students, from rising 1st through 9th graders, offering a comprehensive curriculum covering math and literacy.

Turnkey Solution with Professional

RISE provides a complete package that includes a dedicated summer curriculum, onboarding, and ongoing professional development to improve implementation.

Pre- and Post-

Measure student progress
and program impact with detailed assessment tools tailored specifically to summer learning that are easy to implement and use.

What Does the Summer Learning Program Include?

We’ve crafted the kind of program we always wanted as teachers. Built for unfinished learning, our math and literacy curriculum is rooted in the most current research on learning acceleration and reading science.
From foundational skills in reading to vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency in English language arts, to conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem-solving in Math, students engage with 90 minutes of dedicated literacy instruction and 75 minutes of math instruction per day.
Our 5-week, standards-aligned curriculum is culturally-relevant and equips teachers with engaging lessons and activities that are fun to learn and teach.

This curriculum rapidly develops students' critical thinking skills, passion for reading, and ability to analyze any book they encounter. Students read, analyze, discuss, and write about highly-engaging, multicultural literature by award-winning authors.

Designed so teachers can personalize instruction and target existing gaps, this curriculum includes direct, explicit, and multi-sensory routines and materials that teachers can use throughout the summer and into the school year.

Teachers will learn to independently access and understand complex texts through a three-day cycle of reading for the main idea, craft and structure, and mastery. The curriculum includes texts and aligned lesson plans.

Students develop the confidence and precision necessary to tackle any mathematical task independently while building their mastery of grade-level standards. This curriculum engages students in solving at and above grade level problems through hands-on learning and rich mathematical discourse.

The RISE Math Routines Curriculum is designed to build studentsʼ mathematical fluency and conceptual understanding through targeted, discussion-based routines. Students build automaticity with operations and concepts while keeping the “why” behind strategies front and center.

In surveys of 4,000+ teachers and leaders after completing 2023 training,


agree with the following:

Agree live sessions prepared them to implement the curriculum

Learned best practices to use in the classroom

Were excited to teach the curriculum


“We have used the Lavinia RISE curriculum twice and would use it again. Only a few curricula are available tailored to summer programs; this curriculum fills a necessary niche in the educational ecosystem. Lavinia RISE provided a clear map for teachers and students to follow, facilitating a smoothly operating summer session."

Alyssandra Jaquith, Director of ENL & Family Initiatives,
Mott Haven Academy Charter School

Summer Curriculum Sample Lessons

See why teachers love Lavinia Group's summer learning curriculum. Explore our selection of sample lessons by completing the form below.

Harness the Power of  Learning

With Lavinia Group’s RISE Summer Learning Program, sustainable student growth isn’t just a goal, it’s a reality. Experience the kind of growth that results in improvement in state test scores well after a summer program has concluded.
More than a set of lesson plans, you’ll engage in collaborative, collective learning that introduces instructional strategies, and meaningful planning methods grounded in research and data.
Accelerate math and literacy achievement with professional learning led by Lavinia Group educational experts through our blended learning pathway. Or champion collective learning in your own school using Lavinia’s asynchronous online learning content to build a unified approach to summer instruction.
Beyond tools and resources that support teachers’ ability to be adaptable and responsive to students' needs, you’ll develop a community of practice in your school that shares a collective vision for summer learning: meaningful, measurable improvements in student learning outcomes.

Blended Learning

Online Learning + Live Workshops 

Blended learning is the perfect combination of self-paced online learning with a synchronous component that fosters a sense of community and encourages conversation with teachers across the country.

Start with 3 days of live collaborative training to build community and set the foundation. Then, throughout the program, join live interactive workshops twice weekly to engage with our educational experts who developed the curriculum and instructional strategies.

In these interactive workshops, you’ll 
  • Practice delivering high-impact lessons
  • Discuss best practices for acceleration
  • Connect with fellow participants
  • Ask questions and get guidance

You'll also have access to online learning modules to dive deeper in between sessions.

Our online learning modules:
  • Introduce the curriculum and materials
  • Teach research-based instructional practices
  • Provide teacher resources you can use in to plan meaningful lessons and differentiate instruction
Asynchronous Learning

Pre- Post-Assessments

Our assessments and data tools ensure you have what you need to monitor student growth and target instruction. You’ll be prepared to support 1st through 9th graders’ achievement with pre-and post-assessments, scoring guides, and aligned rubrics.


Assessment and continuous improvement are integral to the RISE Summer Learning Program. We provide every partner school with a comprehensive Impact Report showing growth trends and proficiency gains as determined by pre- to post-testing.

These detailed reports equip schools with actionable data to showcase program results to stakeholders and refine instruction. Featured below are examples from schools that used RISE last summer.

Select a partner school below to view their full Impact Report and learn how boosted their ELA and Math outcomes.
Victory College
Prep Academy
Community Charter School of Paterson
Children’s Aid
College Prep Charter
Public Prep

“Our school was so impressed with the impact of this curriculum on our school that we decided to partner with Lavinia Group through 2026 to build on and continue our success. This research-based curriculum achieved the goals and results that we were informed it could produce.”

-Dr. Laurie Midgette, Founding Principal & CEO,
Cultural Arts Academy



With lasting partnerships with programs such as Summer Boost and Indy Summer Learning Labs, the RISE Learning program has reached thousands of students nationwide.


INDY Summer Learning Labs Reports 2nd Year of Double-Digit Growth

For the second consecutive year, Marion County students who attended Indy Summer Learning Labs (ISLL), a five-week, free or low-cost summer learning and enrichment program, saw double-digit proficiency point gains in English/language arts (ELA) and math, according to data released today from The Mind Trust and United Way of Central Indiana.

ISLL’s remarkable success was powered by 100 licensed teachers using Lavinia Group's RISE Summer Program—guaranteeing educational excellence in line with Indiana state English & math standards.

RISE Students Surpass Pre-Pandemic
Rates of Learning

In Indiana, a study conducted by the State Department of Education confirmed notable learning advancements during the summer of 2022, surpassing pre-pandemic learning rates. The findings showed an average improvement of 15 percentage points in both ELA and math, coupled with a reduction in achievement gaps among historically underserved student groups.

Read our RISE Summer Learning Program Impact Report to learn more.


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