and Professional Development

OuR Approach

Lavinia Group provides school-based consulting and professional development for network and district leaders and teachers to support them in closing the opportunity gap and dramatically improving levels of student achievement. We do so through four core areas:

Planning & Design

We provide strategic planning, including organizational design, data analysis and goal-setting, forward planning for leader and teacher professional development, curriculum design, and assessment design.

instructional coaching for teachers and leaders

Leveraging Lavinia Group’s Rapid Improvement Cycle, we engage leaders and teachers in 4 proven methods: student work and data analysis, intellectual preparation, lab-site with model lesson, and in-the-moment coaching and feedback.

Leadership Coaching

We provide individual or team coaching for leaders designed to strengthen their ability to instructionally manage the academic outcomes across a district or school. Coaching is tailored to each leader based on their strengths and growth areas as well as current academic data. Topics include effective teacher development, processes around talent acquisition and management, and special education systems.

Instructional Management Training

Our instructional management support includes school-based training for district, network, and school leaders to rapidly build their capacity to move teacher practice. We support leaders in implementing and internalizing lasting systems that compel high levels of accountability, data analysis, action planning, and follow-through.

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