Lavinia Group’s mission is to help teachers and school leaders thrive and perform at their best, so their students can too. Our impact has reached 30 states, and more than 70 school systems across the U.S.

We are passionate about creating equitable opportunities for all students. Our work in literacy and math coaching, professional development, curriculum, and summer school with charter schools and districts has led to teacher and school leader professional growth that has directly impacted and improved student achievement.


As former teachers, school leaders, and administrators, we know the key to excellent student outcomes is to invest directly in the professional development of teachers and school leaders.

Our partnership with schools begins with school-based support. We know the training/execution gap emerges when ideas presented during professional development are not realized in practice. We preempt this by working with leaders and teachers where the rubber hits the road: in schools and in classrooms.

Our school-based approach to working with teachers and school leaders provides:

Hands-On/Immersive Support | Our work is focused on hands-on, side-by-side support with the instructional leaders to develop leader and teacher practice through our methods for intellectual preparation, data analysis, student work analysis, and instructional management by using Lavinia Group’s Rapid Improvement Cycle. Our instructional coaches model lessons and coach teachers in their classrooms. Our team of instructional coaches is able to provide this support because they have done it themselves - as expert teachers, principals, and superintendents. They have all achieved results in the classroom.


Capacity-Building | Our teams work at the nexus of instructional leadership and practices to build capacity that is sustained long after the project is completed. To achieve this our team emphasizes frequent modeling, practice, and reflection so that the impact of the work continues beyond the partnership with Lavinia Group.

Results-Driven | Lavinia Group is deeply invested in literacy learning and is committed to helping schools achieve their goals. Setting and achieving goals is crucial in the work of student learning. Schools implementing the Lavinia Group model have achieved significant improvements in learning outcomes for students.


“Spend more money to get the right culture, the right instructional practice, the right belief system, the right mindset with your adults, then undergrid that with good materials. Having a good curriculum is necessary, it’s not sufficient,” says Dr. Jack Smith, former Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools. “Lavinia Group owns the results. Most outside groups come in and they do what they do. Either guest speakers or a Zoom meeting, or maybe a one or two-day training and they don’t ever own the results. Lavinia Group feels as much ownership for the student learning, the student wellbeing, and the student progress as the teachers they work with and it shows in the program results and data.”

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