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Your time is valuable.  Professional development should be meaningful, impactful, and easily transferable to the classroom, regardless if you are a first-year teacher or a seasoned educator. Lavinia Group partners with schools and programs across the country to rapidly improve instructional practice in math and literacy using research-based methods to accelerate student learning.


Our programs partner with:


School Districts

Charter Schools

Tutoring Programs

Substitute Teacher Staffing Agencies

Community-based Organizations


Teachers still value high-impact professional learning opportunities. 

Teacher workload is heavier than ever before. However, surveys from across the country show teachers still feel high-impact professional development should be a high  priority for school leaders in order to accelerate learning and make up for lost time in the classroom.

Asynchronous Learning Format for Flexible, Continuous PD

Amidst the ever-growing teacher shortage, teachers need flexible professional development options and continuous development opportunities throughout the course of the school year to accelerate student learning.

With Lavinia Group’s interactive and immersive professional development courses, school leaders and teachers can enroll in asynchronous courses and progress through four learning modules at their own pace.  

With our Learning Community Pathway, teachers still have flexibility with access to the asynchronous learning modules throughout the course of the school year. They’ll also join other teachers for synchronous learning opportunities with peers during live, discussion and practice-based workshops. 



Close Reading for Meaning™

Science of Reading K-2 Literacy Instruction

Literacy Tutoring & Intervention

Math for Meaning™ Story Problems

Math Tutoring & Intervention

Insight Middle Courses™


Asynchronous Self-Paced Pathway


Learning Community Pathway

All of Lavinia Group’s InstituteS incorporate:

Culturally responsive teaching:

Decades of research has found that culturally-responsive teaching increases students’ motivation, interest in content, and the perception of themselves as capable students. 

Effective intellectual preparation:

Intellectual preparation gives teachers an opportunity to internalize and differentiate lesson plans to deliver high-quality instruction to all students.

Student work and data-driven work study:

Research shows a strong connection between the amount of time teachers spend monitoring student progress and student academic achievement. High-impact work study provides opportunities to evaluate student work, identify clear strengths and areas of growth for students, and collaborate with other educators leaving teachers equipped and ready to differentiate instruction based on students’ needs. 

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