High-quality instructional materials have a direct impact on student achievement. Lavinia Group offers inquiry-based, standards-aligned curricula in literacy, math, and social studies.

We take the guesswork out of planning, freeing teachers up to intellectually prepare by engaging with rich content. Our curriculum includes detailed unit overviews and daily lessons, making it easy for teachers and leaders to implement with quality and consistency.

Core Curriculum

Insight Humanities™ is Lavinia Group’s multicultural, project-based, and integrated reading, writing, and social studies curriculum. We provide teachers with everything they need to successfully teach—a comprehensive unit overview, writing exemplars, scripted daily lesson plans, project samples, and booklists. All units are thematically linked to the content focus throughout the year and work backward from inquiry-based essential questions.

Insight Social Studies™ teaches content through high-quality, multicultural texts and authentic project work. Aligned to the National History Standards and an “expanding environments” approach, students begin with content close to home in kindergarten—studying their own communities and families—and build all the way to world history by the time they leave fifth grade.

Insight Middle Courses™ is a core reading and writing curriculum that improves literacy achievement in middle schools through a global, thematic, and project-based approach.

Students develop content knowledge as they engage with diverse and rigorous texts, themes, and topics. They apply their learning through authentic and integrated literacy and project work to develop as independent readers, writers, thinkers, and doers.

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Supplemental Curriculum

Using genre as an inroad, Lavinia Group’s Close Reading for Meaning™ method teaches students to use a symphony of strategies to unpack complex texts that are at or above grade level. Through a carefully designed Roadmap of Questions™, Lavinia Group’s curriculum prepares students to attend to both the essential meaning as well as author’s craft. After engaging in a shared experience with their teachers, students are given the opportunity to apply the Close Reading for Meaning™ method to a new text, honing their ability to tackle any text confidently and independently.



Grounded in the belief that all students are mathematicians, Lavinia Group's Story Problems curriculum and method engages students to develop multiple approaches for solving on and above-grade-level problems through hands-on learning and rich mathematical discourse. As students persevere through problem-solving and share their mathematical reasoning, they develop the confidence and precision necessary to tackle any mathematical task independently while building their mastery of grade-level standards.



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