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During the summer of 2023, RISE students grew by 48% in Math and 66% in Literacy. Our program is turnkey and ready-to-implement, equipping teachers with everything they need to help students make tremendous progress in just five weeks.


in Math


in Literacy


Summer Learning Curriculum

With five weeks of math & literacy curriculum, students have the tools and support they need to accelerate summer learning.  Students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills and gain confidence to take on new challenges as they head into the following school year.


Develop an aligned vision for summer school instruction and provides teachers ample opportunity to plan & practice lessons with a three-day onboarding and the choice or asynchronous or synchronous training.

Professional Development with

Participate in professional development throughout the course of your summer school program. Select the asynchronous, self-paced professional development pathway for flexibility or the synchronous pathway to participate in robust discussion with peers in a live, virtual workshop setting. Both options provide professional development throughout the five-week program.

Pre- and Post-Assessments with

From pre- and post-assessments in Math and ELA - complete with scoring guides and aligned rubrics - to data-analysis tools to monitor progress throughout the program, you'll have the tools to support Rising 1st through Rising 9th grade students excel this summer.


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From engaging curriculum and professional development to innovative resources and support, we've created the program we wish we would have had as teachers.

The RISE Summer Learning program is powered by the principles of evidence-based reading instruction. We've incorporated the latest research and methodologies in reading science. We've included phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency, addressing the core components of reading proficiency. Through a structured curriculum and a variety of engaging activities, students can make significant gains in their reading abilities.




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Students Had Statistically Significant Gains

According to Independent Study Completed by The Indiana Department of Education

In November 2022, the Indiana Department of Education partnered with the National Center for Assessments to evaluate academic acceleration achieved by students participating in a Student Learning Recovery Grant program. The study revealed that students who participated in Indy Summer Learning Labs achieved statistically significant gains, as measured by increases in student growth scores, above their pre-pandemic rates of learning, and did better than their peers who did not participate in the program.

During the summer of 2023, Lavinia Group RISE Summer School students grew by 120% in Math and 189% in Literacy from pre-assessment to post-assessment in just five weeks.


MATH Students ELA Students
62% moved up at least 1 proficiency level56% moved up at least 1 proficiency level
38% moved up 2 or more proficiency levels38% moved up 2 or more proficiency levels
13% moved up 3 or more proficiency levels14% moved up 3 or more proficiency levels

What School Leaders Are Saying About RISE


Our pre- and post-assessments in Math and ELA for Rising 1st to Rising 9th grade include scoring guides, aligned rubrics, and virtual professional development training. The assessments are conducted on the widely-used Edcite platform, with the data readily available for in-depth analysis by teachers and school leaders. Pen-and-paper options are available as needed and assessments are aligned with the State Standards Map provided by Lavinia Group.


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