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Summer Boost is a private philanthropic initiative led by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with co-funders. Summer Boost is designed to support charter students completing kindergarten through 8th grade in select cities across the nation to accelerate their academic progress in English Language Arts and Math while providing engaging enrichment opportunities in summer 2023. Schools have flexibility to design programs with schedules that meet the needs of their students, teachers, and families or schools can choose to use Lavinia Group's RISE program which includes curriculum and ongoing professional development throughout the course of your summer learning program. Public charter schools in Baltimore, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, New York City, San Antonio, and Washing D.C. serving rising 1st to 9th graders can apply.


Not located in one of these eight cities?

Backed by pre-and-post assessment data collected over the past two years, Lavinia Group's RISE Summer Program proves students can make big gains in math and literacy in just five weeks.

Lavinia Group's ready-to-implement summer program uses research-based methods to accelerate student learning. We provide onboarding, ongoing professional development, and include comprehensive instructional materials (detailed lesson plans and student materials) so teachers can focus on identifying gaps and providing the support students need in the classroom.

We’re all educators at heart. This summer, let’s make progress a reality, together. Partner with Boost & Lavinia Group to accelerate learning so your students can tackle grade level content successfully in the next school year.

“This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you. So many little lives will be changed by so many changed voices in the classroom."

“Lavinia has such comprehensive, well-organized, and powerful units!"

“This was one of the best PDs I have ever been to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Transformational Growth in Just Five Weeks

Students participating in Lavinia Group’s RISE 2022 Summer School Program experienced transformational growth in just 5 weeks!

46.8% Math Improvement

MATH: The percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the Math assessments grew by 46.8% from 47% to 69%.


ELA: The percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the ELA assessments grew by 60% from 40% to 64%.


Schools can choose from one of three sessions offered. As part of your summer school program with Lavinia Group, teachers and school leaders participate in a three-day teacher training week where participants will join teachers and school leaders from across the country for a virtual, interactive, and immersive program onboarding experience.

As your summer school program begins, Lavinia Group provides ongoing support to your school through a combination of learning modules in our online learning platform and live, virtual workshops.

Throughout the summer school program, teachers will engage in lesson planning with the same educational experts who created the curriculum, solve challenges they encounter in the classroom, and practice proven methods for learning acceleration.

Early Session

Teacher Training Week:

May 30th - June 2nd

Student Session Dates*:

June 5th - June 30th

Session 1

Teacher Training Week:

June 6th - June 9th

Student Session Dates*:

June 12th - July 14th

*Students are off June 19th, July 3rd & July 4th

Session 2

Teacher Training Week:

June 13th - June 16th

Student Session Dates*:

June 20th - July 21st

*Students are off July 3rd & July 4th

Session 3

Teacher Training Week:

June 27th - June 30th

Student Session Dates:

July 5th - August 4th

Please speak to your program officer about accommodations if these session dates do not align with your summer school calendar.

Give teachers the tools they need to meet the challenges of unfinished learning. Our RISE Summer Program for 1st through 9th-grade students provides teachers and leaders with ready-to-use instructional materials and data analysis tools. Our curriculum includes student coaching guides, lesson plans, student discussion guides, and a variety of learning activities.

Materials & Texts

Curriculum Samples

Pacing Guides

Sample Schedules

High-quality professional learning to support curriculum implementation is the single most effective way to produce transformative results and eliminate inconsistent outcomes.

Lavinia Group creates an immersive summer school experience for teachers. RISE Teacher Training Week & Weekly Development Meetings are filled with collaboration, learning activities and reflection. Engage in lesson planning with the same educational experts who created the curriculum, solve challenges encountered in the classroom, and practice proven methods for instruction.

Teacher Training Week Overview

Teacher Weekly Development Meeting Schedules


Lavinia Group has created pre- and post-assessments that will be available for all Summer Boost schools for rising 1st - 9th grade.

  • The assessments will include a combination of both multiple choice and open-response questions. (With the exception of Rising 1st-3rd for ELA, which is open response writing.)
  • Lavinia Group will provide scoring guides and aligned rubrics as well as virtual professional development trainings on how to administer and score the assessments.
  • All assessments will be administered through Edcite, a widely-used assessment platform. The data will be available for school leaders to analyze.
  • We recommend assessments are administered digitally, but if needed can also be administered via pen and paper.

RISE Assessment Overview & Design

Please review the below for Lavinia-specific action items and deadlines. 

ASAP: Order all materials & texts

End of April 2023: All accepted grantees will receive access to Lavinia Group's RISE Platform to begin the process of summer onboarding. This is also where teachers will access summer professional development, curriculum, and information about the pre- and post-assessments. 


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