RISE Summer Program Results

Results You Can Count On

Students participating in Lavinia Group’s RISE 2022 Summer School Program experienced transformational growth in just 5 weeks!

46.8% Math Improvement

MATH: The percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the Math assessments grew by 46.8% from 47% to 69%.


ELA: The percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the ELA assessments grew by 60% from 40% to 64%.

“Helping students who are suffering from COVID Learning Loss is one of the most challenging tasks we've faced as educators."

Ambrosia Johnson, Instructional Consultant


INDY SUMMER LEARNING LABS Reports Second Year of Double-Digit Growth

For the second consecutive year, Marion County students who attended Indy Summer Learning Labs (ISLL), a five-week, free or low-cost summer learning and enrichment program, saw double-digit proficiency point gains in English/language arts (ELA) and math, according to data released today from The Mind Trust and United Way of Central Indiana.

What RISE Teachers Say...

Everything is backed by data. This program is literally proven to work!"


Learn how Chattanooga Preparatory School increased the percentage of students categorized as basic or proficient in ELA from 15% to 46%.

Partner Success Story

“Launching a new curriculum and evaluating its effectiveness in a short span of time can be challenging. Like many summer programs across the country, ours lacked a defined trajectory. With the help of Lavinia and their training, our teachers were able to implement the RISE program for students successfully.”

— Chief Academic Officer of Chattanooga Preparatory School, Juan Aguinaga

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RISE 2022 Program Results White Paper

Read more about Lavinia Group’s Transformative 2022 Summer School Results.

Prepare Students to Start the New School Year Ready for Grade Level Content

Lavinia Group partners with districts, charters and summer learning programs to implement our RISE Summer School Program.

Our program includes:
  • Effective data systems and structures for the upcoming school year
  • Flexible professional development support
  • Five weeks of curriculum that can be delivered virtually or in-person
  • High-quality, knowledge-based, culturally-relevant, and standards-aligned curriculum that students and teachers are excited to use

Teachers feel supported

“This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you. So many little lives will be changed by so many changed voices in the classroom."

“Lavinia has such comprehensive, well-organized, and powerful units!"

“This was one of the best PDs I have ever been to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

School Leaders are Seeing Progress

“Lavinia Group has demonstrated a ‘whatever it takes attitude’ to help catapult our schools towards success.  In my over 30 years as an educational leader, my decision to partner with the Lavinia Group will prove to be the most consequential and impactful decision I’ve ever made.”

- RISE Partner

“Lavinia Group has operated as a true partner in our work and not as a typical consultant.  They are deeply invested in our student's success and progress.”

- RISE Partner

rise results

Learn about Lavinia Group's robust, standards-aligned, culturally relevant curriculum or RISE teacher and leader professional development."

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