At Lavinia Group, we close the opportunity gap by helping our partner schools and networks achieve world-class literacy and math instruction through exceptional leader and teacher training.

RISE 2022 Summer Program - Summer Boost NYC

RISE 2022 Summer Program

Lavinia Group’s RISE program provides evidence-based practices for professional development and instruction alongside a high-quality, multicultural curriculum to improve student outcomes in both reading and math. The program will ensure that:

  • The maximum number of students possible begin the year on grade level
  • Teachers and leaders have tools to mitigate learning loss
  • Schools leverage the summer term to implement data systems and structures that can carry into the 2022-2023 school year
  • Schools have the opportunity to participate in Lavinia Group’s proven professional development structures to support and rapidly develop leaders and teachers
  • Students have access to high-quality, culturally-relevant, and standards-aligned curricula this summer

RISE Curriculum

At the heart of our program are the evidence-based methods and content that Lavinia Group has pioneered and leveraged to help our partner schools across the country transform student learning and improve outcomes. Summer Boost NYC schools, who select Lavinia Group RISE Curriculum, will receive 5-weeks of standards-aligned daily lesson plans for rising 1st - rising 9th grade students for the following components:

Math for Meaning™ Story Problems

Grounded in the belief that ALL students are mathematicians, Lavinia Group's Story Problems curriculum and method engages students to develop multiple approaches for solving on and above grade level problems through hands-on learning and rich mathematical discourse. As students persevere through problem solving and share their mathematical reasoning, they develop the confidence and precision necessary to tackle ANY mathematical task independently while building their mastery of grade level standards.

Close Reading for Meaning™

Using genre as an inroad, Lavinia Group's Close Reading for Meaning™ method teaches students to use a symphony of strategies to unpack complex texts that are at or above grade level. Through a carefully designed Roadmap of Questions™, Lavinia Group's curriculum prepares students to attend to both the essential meaning as well as author's craft. After engaging in a shared experience with their teachers, students are given the opportunity to apply the Close Reading for Meaning™ method to a new text, honing their ability to tackle ANY text confidently and independently.

Insight Humanities™ Book Studies

Grounded in highly-engaging, multicultural literature by award-winning and prolific authors, students will read, analyze, discuss, and write about world-class novels. This work will rapidly develop students' critical thinking skills, passion for reading, and ability to analyze ANY book with confidence and precision.


Grounded in the science of reading research and designed with the understanding that decoding plays a crucial role in learning to read and deeply understand text, Lavinia Group’s phonics curriculum includes direct, explicit, sequential, and multisensory routines that teachers can use throughout the summer and into the school year. Lessons provide consistent and systematic instruction for students and flexibility for teachers to personalize instruction by targeting existing gaps for both individuals and groups of students.

RISE Novel Examples

Examples of texts featured in our Insight Humanities™ Book Studies


RISE offers 5 weeks of standards-aligned daily lesson plans and professional development for teachers in rising 1st through 9th grade. The RISE program has a track record of improved student outcomes.


MATH: In 2021, the percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the Math assessments grew by 26 percentage points, from 24% to 50%.


ELA: In 2021, the percentage of students demonstrating Basic or Proficient knowledge on the ELA assessments grew by 21 percentage points, from 32% to 53%.

The Program

The RISE program for selected New York City charter schools includes:

Rising 1st - 9th Grade RISE Summer School Curriculum for ELA and Math

RISE Teacher Training Week for All Participants

Twice-Weekly Development Meetings for All Rising 1st - 9th Grade Math and ELA Teachers 

Close Reading for Meaning™ and Story Problems Data Trackers

ELA and Math Pre-Assessments and Post-Assessments

Summer Boost NYC Dates

July 5th Session

Teacher Training: June 27 - July 1, 2022

Student Start Date: July 5, 2022

Student End Date: August 5, 2022

July 12th Session

Teacher Training: June 27 - July 1, 2022

Student Start Date: July 12, 2022

Student End Date: August 12, 2022

Teacher Training Week


Lavinia Group will provide kick-off training sessions to prepare teachers for RISE. See schedule below.

Day 1

Program overview, assessments and logistics training

Day 2

ELA Daylong Intensive

Day 3

ELA Daylong Intensive

Day 4

Math Daylong Intensive

Day 5

Optional ELA & Math Professional Development Mini-Sessions


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