Immersive Professional Learning Courses for K-8 Teachers and School Leaders in Research-based Math & Literacy Instruction


Course Overviews: SY 2023-2024

Lavinia Group currently offers six professional learning courses in math and literacy instruction.

Recommended for: School leaders and teachers in Grades 2-8 who are new to or currently use Close Reading for Meaning methods and would like to deepen their understanding.

Learn best practices for effectively teaching Close Reading for Meaning™ so students can closely read and understand short texts with an emphasis on main idea understanding, author’s craft, transferable teaching, and short-written response.

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Recommended for: Teachers and leaders in Grades K-2 eager to learn best practices for ensuring instruction is aligned to the latest science of reading research and the methods that will help students read on grade level.

Leverage current science of reading research to plan for individual, small-group, and whole-class comprehension and phonics instruction using the five essential pillars of reading. Our Science of Reading Literacy Instruction Course offers concrete methods for studying student reading data and creating action plans to support students in the classrooms. Participants will leave this course ready to support all students in reading on grade level.

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Recommended for: Teachers and leaders in grades K-8 who are seeking highly-effective practices for accelerating student learning.

This course provides school leaders and teachers with a concrete method for intentional, effective, small-group, and individual intervention for students not reading with proficiency. Participants will learn how to analyze data across multiple assessments, create student groups based on needs, and implement highly-effective strategies for small group and individual instruction in the classrooms.

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Recommended for: School leaders and teachers in Grades K-8 who are new to or currently use Story Problems instruction  and would like to deepen their understanding of this proven method.

Rapidly increase student achievement and confidence in mathematics with Lavinia Group’s Math for Meaning™: Story Problems method. Learn the importance of using context as an inroad for making meaning in mathematics and the powerful teaching strategies that bring Story Problems to life in any classroom.

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Recommended for: Teachers and leaders in grades K-8 who are seeking highly-effective practices for accelerating student learning and supporting students in meeting grade-level benchmarks.

Personalize learning for targeted intervention and give students meaningful and accessible practice to grow their math skills. This course prepares teachers to close the most pressing gaps while building students’ independence. Learn how to create targeted intervention groups, select content, and coach students with meaning front and center.

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(Asynchronous Only)

Recommended for: Teachers and leaders in grades 6-8 who are new to or currently using Lavinia Group’s Insight Middle Courses™.

During this course, teachers and leaders will be introduced to Insight Middle Courses™, Lavinia Group's research based, comprehensive core literacy curriculum. Participants will develop familiarity with all components of the curriculum and learn how to intellectually prepare to implement it with students. Insight Middle Courses™ curriculum supports culturally responsive teaching by emphasizing class structures that facilitate learning partnerships, student choice, and engaging discourse among students.

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Learning Pathways

Participants progress through four online learning modules throughout the school year as each new module is released. Once a learning module has been released, participants have access to revisit that module as many times as they would like to throughout the course of the school year.

Choose from two learning pathways:

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Community-based Learning Pathway (Online Learning + Live, Virtual Discussions and Workshops)

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Participants begin their course with a 4-hour live virtual workshop. Our live virtual workshops provide attendees an opportunity to engage in robust discussion, immersive planning and practice, and in-the-moment coaching with Lavinia Group experts.

Following the live virtual workshop, participants gain access to Module 1 in the online learning platform. Participants will alternate attending live virtual workshops and completing course modules in the online learning platform.

Each course includes five live virtual workshops and four online learning modules that provide approximately 30 hours of professional development.


Self-Paced Pathway (Online Learning)

Teachers progress through four completely asynchronous learning modules at their own pace, or through a course schedule designed by their school leader. Each course provides approximately 16 hours of professional development.


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